PuzzleSquad is a small grid-based platformer sokoban.

Control 2 characters and find a way to reach the flag.


The game was made as a first experiment with the Puzzlescript engine.

PS Plus was used to add tweening to the game.

You can hack the game.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withPuzzleScript
TagsPuzzle-Platformer, PuzzleScript, Team-Based, Touch-Friendly, Turn-based


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Fun, interesting Sok variant. More levels to come? What's the optimum # of levels for a puzzle? Too many or too hard is discouraging. Too few or too easy is disappointing. Good mix of challenge and brevity here in these 5, but 10 to 15 levels would've been welcome.

Thanks! I'll add maybe some levels if I find a fun new mechanics to add to the base one but it was meant to just be a little experiment with puzzlescript for me.
There is not much more interesting to do with what's in the game right now (in term of mechanics).

fun! the limited movement was a bit frustrating (not being able to jump over a box) but I liked the puzzles you made with it. nice puzzles, and the game was short and sweet


That was fun — hope you continue experimenting with Puzzlescript!

Plus it's always nice to see a puzzler built around Jean-Claude Van Damme's unique abilities ;)

haha ! It is maybe an unwanted 'homage' to JCVD as I'm from Belgium too ;)