Pawggle offers a fresh twist on the beloved game Peggle, step away from the visor and embark on a new adventure. 

Help poor-sighted adorable fur creatures by strategically positioning your pegs and immerse yourself in a joyous furry symphony. 

Play with mouse.
In the 'unlikely' case of bug, press "R" to restart current level.
Ball count is currently broken, sorry for that!


Crafted with love specifically for the 2023 GMTK's game jam, with the theme 'Roles Reversed'.

Jonathan Lorenz (dev) - Tristan Jardon (dev) -  Benoit Frison (sound design) - Alexandre Brull (art)


Click download now to get access to the following files:

Pawggle(1.2).zip Play in browser

Development log


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Cool game, but it can take a long time if the last ball get stuck during the slow-motion :P 

Are you still working on this?


We'd like to work on an improved version indeed but we still have to clear a bit our schedule. It should be available in October :)

Fantastic! Please keep me posted :D


Really good game. The art and sound are great! It was fun to play.


game of the year